Last night I gave a talk about Bobo at the NoVA Python Meetup.

Bobo is a minimalist Web framework for Python. Bobo was designed to be very easy to learn and remember (or re-learn). It's philosophy is that it's best for the components of a web application to be decoupled, so that use of one component doesn't lock you into others.

This was the first talk I've given on Bobo. I created Bobo in 2009 and announced it to the Python Web SIG, but never promoted it beyond that. Partly, this was due to being weary of promoting frameworks, and partly because Bobo was initially unproven. I created Bobo, as a bit of a science project, and as a reboot of the Python Object Publisher, which I created in 1996, and to explore how one might create a simple modern mechanism for publishing objects on the Web. We've since been using Bobo for projects at Zope Corporation and it's worked out very well.